Ternyata Bahasa Jawa Lebih Ringkas dari Bahasa Inggris

Biasanya bahasa Indonesia lebih panjang daripada bahasa Inggris. Itulah mengapa buku-buku berbahasa Indonesia hasil terjemahan biasanya lebih tebal dari buku-buku aslinya yang berbahasa Inggris. Tapi ternyata bahasa Jawa lebih simple lagi. Ya, bahasa Jawa bahkan lebih ringkas daripada bahasa Inggris!

Dibawah ini hanyalah sebagian bukti bahwa bahasa Jawa lebih ringkas daripada bahasa Inggris:

1. Walk slowly on the edge (side)of the road = MLIPIR

2. Falling backward and then hit own head = NGGEBLAK

3. Falling/tripping forward (and may hit own face) = KEJLUNGUP

4. Smearing one’s body with hot ointment or liquid and then massaging it = mBLONYOHI

5. Riding an old bicycle = NGONTHEL

6. Got hit by truck that is moving backward = KUNDURAN TRUK

7. Hot pyroclastic cloud rolling down a volcano = WEDHUS GEMBEL

8. A small,sharp thing embedded inside one’s skin = SUSUBEN/KETELUSUPEN

9. Thing getting out from a container accidentally because of gravity = mBROJOL

10. Get hit by thing collapsing on top of one’s head/body = KAMBRUKAN

11. Drinking straight from the bottle without using the glass,where whole bottletip gets into the mouth = NGOKOP

12. Difficult to open eyes because something is shining very bright = BLERENG

13. Hanging on tightly to something in order to be inert = GONDHELAN

14. Falling/tripping accidentally because of a hole = KEJEGLONG

15. Being over active carelessly = PECICILAN

16. Felling unwell because of cold temperature = KATISEN/KADEMEN

17. Releasing “wind” from the body thru a coin drawn acrossthe skin’s surface = KEROKAN

18. Finding by accident something good or useful without looking for it = NDILALAH

19. Expression or gesture due to a sudden appearance (of something)= MAK JEGAGIK/MAK BEDHUNDUK/UJUG -UJUG

20. Water come out from your mouth = NGECESS

21. A lot of water come out from your skin = GEMBROBYOS

22. Doing something with your finger = UTEK – UTEK

23. Have something between your teeth = SELILITAN

24. Accidentally poke your eyes = KECULEK…
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